About Us

Just Caravans, is a family owned and run business that operates from Epping in Melbourne, Victoria. Just Caravans is Australia’s number one dealer of the highly sought after Condor Caravans plus its own Just Caravans range.

Merv Weston established Just Caravans in 2015, Merv had over 50 years of experience in the caravan industry from manufacturing to selling and everything else caravans. Merv Weston provided a wealth of knowledge, his name and reputation carried him a long way. He was continually providing consumers with satisfaction, understanding and quality customer service.

His son Paul now runs the day to day operations of the business and has been around or involved with caravans the majority of his life. While living in his father’s shadow he has gained invaluable knowledge from listening and watching his father operate. Together they formed a great team and Paul carries on his father’s legacy by keeping Australian caravan enthusiasts happy by providing quality caravans at a very affordable price.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and believe it is one aspect that sets us apart from the others (no bias but read some of our reviews and you can be the judge of that). We understand exceptional service is a key component to one’s decision making process and we endeavor to go above and beyond to deliver this. We are excited about our future and hope you can play a part it in it.


Everyone at Just Caravans or involved with Just Caravans is family so when you buy from us you become part of our family!


Just Caravans is grateful for all the support it has received and moving forward it will ensure your buying experience is remembered for all the right reasons.


Happy Caravanning!!